Your Perfect Pitch

In-Company Events
Company Change Announcements
Live Virtual ‘Perfect Pitch’ Workshops
Catherine can provide an hour-long talk for all your employees on pitching, presenting and public speaking. This talk will provide them with useful tools and techniques for future meetings, performance appraisals, interviews and presentations.

Pitching is a life skill and doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Many people have a fear of public speaking; others tend to over-complicate and over-intellectualise their pitches and presentations. Finally, many pitches are simply boring and fail to engage the audience.

Catherine’s talk will help to solve all of these problems so that your employees can communicate their message clearly and confidently with a positive end-result!
Do you have an upcoming change announcement within your organisation? Perhaps you are merging with another company or announcing the possibility of voluntary and/or compulsory redundancies.

This is a difficult time for everyone concerned. Catherine can support your HR and Management teams by coaching them on the delivery of the announcement and breakout Q&A sessions — including a dry run or dress rehearsal.

This will make a huge difference to how the message is received by your employees who want to feel supported, respected and valued by your organisation. If you ensure the message is delivered respectfully, it will minimise any potential risk to your business.
There are no workshops scheduled at the moment – please check back at a later date.
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