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Narrated by Catherine, Essentials of The Pitch is an online multimedia programme delivered in an engaging hour-long interactive format. It can be reviewed at your own pace on any digital device that supports a Web browser.

See a sample here:
The package is available online for a subscription fee of €30.00, covering unlimited access for up to one month. To subscribe, see below.

In this training you will learn how to shape the content of your pitch into a simple and engaging story. The programme covers how to tailor your pitch to your target audience by researching your audience and asking questions such as ‘what’s in it for them?’ and ‘what’s the emotional connection with this audience?’

The training will also cover how to deliver your message effectively — from your body language to the variation of your tone of voice. You will also get some tips on managing nerves, handling difficult questions and using slides.

A pitch is just a story — learn how to carve out a simple and engaging story, practice telling that story and get better at telling it. If you enjoy telling it, the audience will enjoy hearing it and they will remember your story and share it with others.

Essentials of the Pitch
Hour-long Audiovisual Interactive Training  Programme
PC/Mac or tablet/phone with standard Web browser and sound output
€30.00 subscription fee for 30 days unlimited access by one user


On completion of the training you should be able to:
Identify how to tailor your pitch/presentation to your target audience.
Employ techniques to carve your content into a simple and engaging story.
Utilise effective communication skills to deliver presentation content.
Apply methods to manage nerves around public speaking.
Demonstrate techniques for responding to difficult questions after your pitch.
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